CNY 2022- Floral Rose Gold Half Bracelet and Floral Gold Earrings

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Welcome Chinese New Year 2022 with our new collection of floral gems!

Sweet and pretty, welcome the Lunar New Year with our bright and cheery Rose- Gold Half bracelets. We have also designed a series of matching earrings to match the bracelets.

Do take note that while the bracelets are in Rose- Gold hardware, our earrings are in 14K Gold plated hardware.

Half bracelet at $48
Matching earrings at $28
Set of bracelet & earrings at $70

* For set purchases, please state your preferred Earrings choice if you would like to change to another within the same series, else we will send out the ones matching with the main gem in your bracelet choice.

** For sizes above 20 cm, please contact us for a quote

1) Red Cherry Blossom Floral Main Gem
Pink Yan Yuan Agate Rose Carving 12mm
Shell pearls 6mm
Lavender Rose Quartz 8mm

2) Light Pink Rose Floral Main Gem
Rose Quartz Rose Carving 12mm
Selenite 8mm
Aquamarine 8mm

3) Purple Rose Floral Main Gem
Lepidolite Rose Carving 12mm
Fresh water pearls 10mm