Customise-Your-Own 🌈 Heart Earrings (Silver/ Rose Gold)

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Customise your own personalised pair of earrings today!

Without the rain, there would not be rainbows🌈.

Brighten up your day as you don our Rainbow 🌈 Duo Way Heart Earrings, reminding you of the great promises and positivity in life. Wear the studs on their own or add on the dangling gems of your choice to glam up your look!

Studs are available in Rose Gold or Silver. 

Just choose from the drop down boxes the stones you prefer. We have even provided a range of basic and premium gems for your selection for those of you who want to kick start your own private gemstones collection!

**For even more complex or further customisation (e.g. Dangling, Hook-Ons, Attachment Designs, etc), feel free to DM us!

$25range (8-10mm)
- Rose Quartz
- Jade
- Dyed Jade (Pink, Blue,Orange, Yellow)
- Jadeite
- Blue Lace Agate
- Kunzite
- Citrine
- Dumortierite
- Angelite (light blue)
- Labradorite
- Silver Sheen Obsidian
- Sunstone
- Aquamarine
- Morganite
- Agate (Banded - Pink, Purple, Green)
- Cat Eye (White,Yellow, Orange, Pink,Purple, Blue, Green

$38 range
- Citrine with 🌈
- Madagascar Rose quartz
- Lavender Rose quartz
- Aquamarine
- Kyanite
- Lavender Amethyst
- Orange moonstone
- Tiger eye (Pink, Purple, Blue, Yellow,Green)
- Amazonite
- Rainbow Iris Agate