Floral Christmas Earrings Limited Edition 2021- Sparkly Duo Wear Huggies

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We are starting to smell Christmas in the air!

Check out our 2021 limited edition Sparkly Christmas Huggies earrings, versatile not just for this Christmas season but elegant worn all year round too!

The huggies earrings in colours of Rose Gold, Gold and Silver can be worn on their own for a subtle look, or loop in their matching dangling gem accessory for a glam-up look!

Rose Gold Huggies Earrings-
Rose Quartz, Swarovski Crystals, Heart- shaped Strawberry Quartz

Gold Huggies Earrings-
Rainbow Clear Quartz, Flower Petals, Amethyst

Silver Huggies Earrings-
Blue Topaz, Laborite and Blue Tiger Eye Balls, Crackled Clear Quartz