Pastel Rainbow Half- Bracelet

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Let the rainbow in our bracelet chase all your blues away!

Our popular pastel rainbow bracelet is from one of our earliest launches and still remains one of our customers' favourites today! We have received orders for Mummy and Daughter matching orders and even as gifts for bridesmaids!

Now we have even added half- bracelet and dainty versions due to overwhelming demand.

This sweet and romantic bracelet is so versatile and goes with any outfit, be it for a regular day out or to add a subtle finish to that glamorous evening look! You can even stack them with our full bracelet for a more dramatic look or to bring more rainbow joy into your life.

Available in Rose Gold, Gold and Silver series. Gems are 10mm in diameter.

Red Botswana Jade, Pink Chalcedony, Creamy White Chalcedony, Amazonite Chalcedony, Blue Chalcedony, Kunzite, Cracked Quartz