Princess Elsa Full Bracelet

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Elsa of Arendelle is the Snow Queen that has the magical ability to manipulate Ice and Snow. Calm, reserved and regal, Elsa is full of grace and poise, the exact vibes portrayed in our latest Elsa Frozen II Collection, which is inspired by the queen who boasts of beauty, brains and bravery.

Princess Elsa appears cold on the outside, but is filled with warmth on the inside. This Princess Elsa Full Bracelet is both elegant yet vibrant, just like her namesake.

It is made up of: Larimar, Blue Jade, Matt Cracked Quartz, Blue Lace, Cracked Quartz

Stack up with the Princess Elsa Half Bracelet or other accessories from our Frozen II Collection for a complete royal look.

* For sizes above 20 cm, please contact us for a quote.