Rainbow 🌈 3.0 Duo Way Mossainate Earrings

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A Rainbow 🌈 is formed by the sunlight,

Shining through raindrops so small.

The rain bends the light from the sunshine,

And colours the sky for us all.

Red, Yellow, Orange, Green,

Blue, Indigo, Yellow is what we see.

Rainbow colours,

Are made with light bending you see! (c 2015KindyKats)

And Rainbow 🌈 bracelets,

Are made with love for you and me!

Without the rain, there would not be rainbows.

Brighten up your day as you don our Rainbow 3.0 Duo Way Mossainate Earrings, reminding you of the great promises and positivity in life. Wear the heart- shaped studs on their own or add on the dangling rainbow tiger eyes to glam up your look!