Rainbow Tiger Eye with Purple Tiger Eye Gold Half Bracelet

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Bling up your outfit with our Rainbow Tiger Eye Gold Half Bracelet!

Growing in popularity, the Rainbow Tiger Eye, with its unique rainbow hues of blue, pink, purple, teal and all colours of the rainbow, was chosen as the main stone feature in this design series. Each Rainbow Tiger Eye gem gives off its own unique hues and the rainbow sheen from our quality Rainbow Tiger Eye can be seen even under natural lighting indoors. The gorgeous colour tones are so pretty that you will certainly 'wow' others away with your accessory.

This Rainbow Tiger Eye Gold Half Bracelet is made up of:

Rainbow Tiger Eye, White Sheen Moonstone, Purple Tiger Eye, Pearls

We have also specially designed a matching pair of Rainbow Tiger Eye earrings to go with your bracelet. Get your set today at a discounted price!

* For sizes above 20 cm, please contact us for a quote.