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Perfect for your desk as a Perk-Me-Up, a wedding gift or a housewarming gift, our Resin Lightstand is one of our most popular resin products and is often sold out before you know it!

Customise a lightstand for yourself or your loved ones today!

Our most popular resin product is painstakingly treated and cured manually with lots of love. In this collection, choose your favourite colour of dried Baby's Breath flowers and thin flakes to add to the resin letter to make it uniquely yours!

The fabrication process may be difficult for us but ordering it is as easy as ABC for you. Just follow the steps below:

 1) Choose your preferred lighting

- White Light

- Warm Light

2) Choose the length of your lighstand:

- Small allows for 3 to 5 letters (15cm)

- Medium allows for 5 to 7 letters (20cm)

- Long allows for 7 to 9 letters (25cm)

- Extra Long allows for 9 to 11 letters (30cm)

We recommend that you opt for a longer lightstand if your preference is to have all letters in a straight row. Else in the event that there are space constraints, we will arrange the letters in a zig-zag or front/back manner to fit.

3) Finally, upon checkout, click on 'Add a note to my order' and state your choice of:


(ii) Colour of Flowers

(iii) Type of Flowers

- Normal Hydrangeas or Peeled Flowers

- Baby's Breath Flowers (additional $1/letter)

Available in colours of: Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, Blue, Green 

(iv) Colour of Flakes - Rose Gold, Gold or Silver

4) Make payment and wait for your items to arrive!

*Please allow 2-3 weeks for customised resin orders to reach you as we need to hand make your items accordingly.

**Only by courier.

**Alternatively, you can DM us at or through our IG account: