Show your ❤️ Valentine's Day- You Hold The Key To My ❤️ Earrings Collection

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Show your ❤️ for your besties, gal friends, girl friends, wives or yourselves through our ❤️- themed bracelets and earrings collection!

We have sourced these premium heart- shaped gems and are truly proud of this collection, which is one of our most popular and fastest selling series. If you like what you see, be true to your ❤️ and wear 'em on your hands (or ears 🥰 ) today!

1) Strawberry Quartz Huggies

Made up of Strawberry Quartz 💖 $25

2)Madagasca Rose Quartz Lock & Key Earrings

Made up of Madagascar Rose Quartz 💖 $38

3) Strawberry Quartz (Duo wear) Huggies 

Made up of Strawberry Quartz 💖 $25


4) Madagascar Rose Quartz/ Strawberry Quartz Floral Earrings 

Made up of Madagascar Rose Quartz/ Strawberry Quartz 💖 $38